GALAX Is Ready To Introduce Its DDR5-8000 HOF Memory Soon

According to reports, GALAX will soon launch DDR5 memory with speeds of 6800 MT/s and higher. Memory makers have begun disseminating information on forthcoming high-speed memory kits just as the new year has begun.

Customers can now access memory with frequencies above 7,000 MT/s; however, support for such memory may be confined to Intel platforms for the time being.

GALAX China debuted their DDR5 memory at the beginning of this year, as promised. This week, the business stated that 16GBx2 kits with 6800, 7200, and 8000 MT/s speeds would be available.

The memory will feature either black or white PCBs to match the aesthetic of the GALAX HOF GPUs. Every module will be outfitted with a sleek white and silver heatsink containing an ARGB LED strip.

The series maintains a consistent silver and white colour scheme, and the brand-new white heat dissipation cover utilises an electrophoretic coating process. The famous bright silver HOF LOGO is visible from a variety of angles.

GALAX has not yet confirmed the launch date but has stated that it will soon be available on Chinese e-commerce sites. This is also when the pricing will be disclosed.

Via Galax China

Images Credit: GALAX