NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090/4080 Laptop Preorders To Start On February 1st

According to Chinese media, NVIDIA has finally scheduled a date for GeForce RTX 40 gaming laptop preorders. NVIDIA has revealed that the introduction of its RTX 40 Laptop GPU will be staggered between two dates. The high-end RTX 4090/4080 laptops will be available on February 8, with the RTX 4070/4060/4050 arriving two weeks later, on February 22.

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The official release date of the RTX 4080/4090 is reported to be February 1. Preorders often come with a review embargo, so there is a high probability that we will learn more about RTX 40 laptops within two weeks. This suggests that NVIDIA intends to supply all Ada Lovelace GPUs within one month, which suggests that the AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107 GPUs will all be ready in the first quarter of this year. The release of the same processors for PCs should occur in the future, as NVIDIA has not yet announced any such intentions.

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The AD103 GPU of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Laptop GPU has 9728 CUDA cores. The desktop RTX 4080 card already employs this configuration. AD104 with 7424 CUDA cores and 12GB GDDR6 memory will be included on the RTX 4080 GPU. Similar to the RTX 4090, this model will be limited to 150W TGP, although the entry-level variant will use 60W TGP.

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The NVIDIA RTX 4070 laptop GPU will have an AD106 GPU with 4608 CUDA cores and a maximum clock speed of 2.17 GHz. This card will function between 35W to 115W, the same range as RTX 4060 and RTX 50 series laptops. The 4070 includes eight gigabytes of GDDR6 memory on a 128-bit memory bus. The AD107 GPU will comprise the lowest tier of RTX 40 Laptop GPUs from NVIDIA. The RTX 4060 will launch with 3072 CUDA cores, while the RTX 4050 will sport 2560 cores. This processor has 6GB of GDDR6 RAM and a 96-bit memory bus.

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NVIDIA claims that laptops with an RTX 4050+ will cost at least $999, making them noticeably more expensive than their predecessors. That was the starting pricing for systems in the RTX 3060 class in the earlier.

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