MSI Announces GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM X CLASSIC

MSI has just unveiled its brand-new RTX 4090 SUPRIM card. However, there is nothing notably superior about this design. The Classic versions utilize an older cooling architecture, the same as that of the RTX 3090 Ti series. MSI displayed upgraded SUPRIM coolers alongside the release of RTX 40 graphics cards. The new graphics card has a Tri Frozr 3S cooler with Torx Fan 5.0. Additionally, there is a vapor chamber. Tri Frozr 2S and Torx 4.0 fans are featured on the Classic model; however, there is no vapor chamber.

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The length and breadth of the new SUPRIM are approximately the same, but it is thicker (7.8 cm vs 7.1 cm) and heavier (2.4 kg vs 2.16 kg). With a maximum clock speed of 2640 MHz, both GPUs should function identically (with MSI Center software overclocking). MSI has not confirmed the maximum TDP for the Classic GPU, so if there are any overclocking restrictions, they remain unknown. The backplate is from an older version; therefore, it features the old GeForce RTX logo and the Gaming dragon that MSI no longer uses on their current SUPRIM cards.

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Only the MSI China website has officially announced the SUPRIM CLASSIC. It is not known whether this indicates that the card will be limited to this market, although it seems doubtful. Additionally, the business introduced a SUPRIM non-X Classic variant with lower clock speeds. The 2022 Tri Frozr 3S-based model offers identical clocks.

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Images Credit: Videocardz