Gigabyte DDR5 Memory Overclocked To 11136 MT/s

A renowned Taiwanese overclocker has been working relentlessly to break the Gigabyte DDR5 memory overclocking world record. His most recent effort utilized the Intel Core i9-13900K desktop CPU, the AORUS flagship Z790 Tachyon motherboard for high overclocking, and Gigabyte’s DDR5 memory.

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The memory utilized for this overclocking effort is the same RAM that the manufacturer claimed two months ago as having speeds of up to 9300 MT/s. With the timing set to 64-127-127-127-127, HiCookie was able to overclock the RAM to 5567.5 MHz (11136.0 MT/s).

It’s worth noting that although the RAM was overclocked using air, the CPU was employing unique LN2 cooling. HiCookie took the first rank in the HWBOT memory frequency list at this frequency, surpassing the previous record of 5564 MHz.

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The company does not currently sell this AORUS DDR5 memory kit. In reality, none of the currently available DDR5 kits resembles the RAM displayed in the overclocking video. Consequently, HiCookie utilizes either pre-production memory or a bespoke heatsink. With these frequencies, DDR5 memory is approaching the maximum speed of 12600 MT/s, but at the current rate, it will be at least a year before 10000 MT/s kits are available for purchase.

Via HWBot