Custom 12VHPWR Power Adapter By CableMod Reportedly Melted

The first instance of melted bespoke cable that CableMod has been reported and the matter of RTX 4090 cables melting has been brought back up for discussion after a long hiatus. This time, the issue impacts a CableMod-designed and -manufactured bespoke cable. This business was fast to announce the development of its 12VHPWR cables, which would replace the original NVIDIA adapters.

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The GPU manufacturer claims that poorly inserted cables are the root cause of the melting problem. The new 16-pin cables are more difficult to plug in completely, causing many users to unplug them. Considering how the number of reports decreased drastically after NVIDIA made that claim, it’s possible that this was the case.

In the meantime, a Redditor who obtained a custom cable from CableMod contends to have fully inserted the cable into the card until a click was heard. Nonetheless, the wire is visibly melted. Fortunately, the graphics card was unaffected.

The manufacturer of the bespoke power cable has reacted to this thread. CableMod’s subsequent comments appear pretty basic, indicating that if the cable is at fault and the GPU is rendered inoperable, the company may reimburse the replacement cost.

“Very sorry about that – please reach out to our support and we will make it right with you! Our products come with service and we help every customer out.”

“The card is not damaged (we spoke to him) but in case our cables would damage a card, then we would replace the GPU – we have done that in the past in very rare cases where our cables damaged something.”

— CableMod

Those who may experience the same problem with the same cable need not worry about being reimbursed. CableMod is more than eager to address any potential issues that may arise. However, this is the first recorded incidence of cable melting, and it appears that such cases are still being reported weeks after the matter was officially resolved.’ If the user has not properly inserted the cable, the CableMod service will do so.

Via Wccftech, VideoCardz