You Can Now Turn AMD B650 Motherboard Into X670 Via ASRock Expansion Card

Level1Techs has highlighted a totally unique function exclusive to certain ASRock motherboards. They were provided with a special edition B650 LiveMixer motherboard with an additional expansion card. This is where it should be noted that neither this motherboard nor its expansion card is available for purchase.

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Their unique B650 LiveMixer motherboard comes with an X670 XPANSION KIT, which adds a supplementary chipset to the motherboard. As is common knowledge, AMD X670 motherboards utilize two Promontory21 chipsets, whereas B650 motherboards only have one. Thus, the board might match the specifications of a full-fledged X670 board by putting an additional chipset on the expansion card directly.

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The motherboard features two PCIe x4 NVME M.2 slots, three USB Type-A, one USB Type-C 10Gbit, two SATA connections, and a 10 Gbit Ethernet port (the motherboard offers 2.5 Gbit without the card). This expansion card relies not just on the PCIe connector but also on a dedicated control line and is, therefore, only compatible with specific ASRock motherboards. Not only is it unavailable for purchase, but it also requires a specialized motherboard. This motherboard was supplied to Level1Techs, and its BIOS appears to be customized.

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According to the reviewer, ASRock is only testing the waters with its concept, which is sure to attract a large number of fans. Customers would be able to upgrade their motherboards in the future if a product like this were ever to hit the market.

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Images Credit: Level1Techs