Apple’s Budget AR Headset Could Cost as Low as The iPhone

Apple is predicted to release its anticipated AR/VR headset later this year with the headset to have a rumored price tag of approximately $3,000. However, the most recent sources indicate that Apple is working on a more affordable AR Headset.

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According to The Information and Bloomberg, future AR Headset variations will be priced similarly to the iPhone. However, the iPhone 14 begins at $799 and can be purchased for a maximum of $1,599 with 1TB of storage. However, the specific model and estimated cost are not specified in the report. Nonetheless, we can infer that the number falls somewhere within the range.

If Apple intends to price it at $1,500, the AR Headset will directly compete with Meta’s mixed-reality headset. Apple is even working on a variety of customer-friendly pricing strategies. Apple engineers aim to employ comparably less expensive components with the same AR/VR capabilities as the device anticipated later this year.

At this point, there is no prototype, and The Information says that work on the affordable AR Headset began last year with the goal of releasing it in 2024. Bloomberg, on the other hand, indicates a timeline between 2024 and 2025.

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Apple is concentrating its attention on the AR Headset after delaying the Apple Glasses indefinitely. Apple may release its first AR headset with a price of $3,000 in the spring of this year. The increased price is due to premium components, such as 4K Sony displays and many cameras.

Via Wccftech