NVIDIA Now Ships GeForce RTX 4080 With AD103-301 GPU

NVIDIA will release new Ada GPU variations. Gainward is the first company to disclose a new variation of the AD103 GPU. The upgraded AD103-301 silicon delivers minimal changes to end users and helps board partners reduce costs.

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The first reports concerning XX0/XX1 GPU variations surfaced last week alongside the new specifications for the RTX 4070 non-Ti. NVIDIA told board partners that for this SKU, two GPU configurations would be available. This was then confirmed by HKEPC, who revealed additional details on the AD104-25X GPU options for this forthcoming GeForce model.

We can now conclude that two GPU specifications for the RTX 4070 have been shared with board partners. According to our information, the ‘251’ GPU will reach mass production a few weeks after the ‘250’ GPU and demand a few fewer components’ This should reduce the price of the GPU, but not much.

This difference has already been executed for the RTX 4080 model, which ships with either the AD103-300 or AD103-301 GPUs. Both GPUs are expected to offer the same performance and effectiveness, but their new design necessitates PCB modifications.

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Gainward verifies that both models have identical clock speeds, thermal design power, and GPU configuration. In addition, the company did not issue a new upgrade of old cards; thus, the AD103-300 and 301 GPUs are virtually identical.

Via VideoCardz