NZXT Announces H9 Series ATX Cases, C1200 PSU, and Duo RGB Fan

NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today announces mid-tower ATX cases, the H9 Flow and H9 Elite, the C1200 power supply, and the RGB Duo fans. The H9 Series features two new ATX compatible cases that will be the latest and largest options featured in NZXT’s mid-tower lineup; they feature enough room for up to ten fans and direct airflow to cool off the most powerful video cards. The H9 Flow and H9 Elite are flexible to suit any type of build due to their large size, radiator support, and color schemes. For people who want to focus on thermal performance, the H9 Flow is designed to give you optimized cooling thanks to a mesh top panel. The H9 Elite is designed for people who want to build an RGB focused PC with some additional benefits, such as NZXT CAM support and a glass top panel to show off RGB lighting components.

A perforated mesh top panel gives the H9 a greater focus on cooling performance. In addition, the case comes equipped with four 120 mm F Series Quiet Airflow fans to supplement airflow further. With superior airflow, the H9 Flow is the perfect case for people who want to build a system with the latest components with greater cooling requirements. The H9 Elite is an elegant way to accommodate builders who want a large tempered glass enclosure to show off their RGB builds, whether they want to share their setup on social media or their stream. With tempered glass on three sides for an uninterrupted look, a top radiator/fan, and with three included RGB Duo fans with an NZXT RGB and Fan controller V2, it is a perfect case to show off premium components.

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The C1200
The new C1200 Gold is an ATX 3.0 PSU that pumps up to 600 watts of power to NVIDIA 40-series graphics cards over a single cable while maintaining highly efficient, low-noise performance. Get clean power for the latest graphics cards and the most efficient power possible thanks to this power supply.

Duo RGB Fans
Light up a build with dual-sided RGB fans that will bathe both the interior and exterior and control and customize the color and fan curves with an NZXT RGB & Fan Controller V2. Sync styles with 3 fan channels and 6 lighting channels across compatible NZXT devices featuring NZXT CAM.

Features included in the H9 series

  • Unique uninterrupted glass panel for a clear view of the interior
  • Intuitive cable management and dual chamber design
  • Ample room for cooling and storage
  • Room for up to ten 120 mm fans, up to three 360 mm Radiators
  • Direct airflow to the GPU for handling high-powered components
  • Fully perforated mesh back panel for intake of fresh air into the chassis
  • Supports vertical GPU mount with optional Vertical GPU Mounting Kit with PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable that is sold separately
    • MSRP: $89.99

Features exclusive to the H9 Flow

  • Perforated mesh top panel that gives a greater focus on cooling performance
  • Includes four 120 mm F Series Quiet Airflow fans
  • Fans pre-installed along the right side as intake fans for the best CPU and GPU performance out of the box
  • Features exclusive to the H9 Elite
  • Tempered glass top panel and transparent top fan/radiator brackets
  • Includes three 120 mm F Series RGB Duo fans and one 120 mm F Series Quiet Airflow fan
  • Fans pre-installed along the right side as intake fans for the best CPU and GPU performance out of the box
  • RGB & Fan Controller v2 with three fan channels and six lighting channels with control via NZXT CAM.

Available Colors

  • H9 Flow and H9 Elite: Matte White, Matte Black
    • Tinted glass in the Matte Black models

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