New AMD Zen Benchmark Surfaces, Shows Impressive Performance

A new benchmark of AMD’s upcoming x86 Zen architecture has been spotted on (a relatively unknown aggregate database for Blender tests). Taken at face value it shows some very impressive performance, unfortunately we do not know which exact Zen processor is being tested here, the speeds, or any other specifications. Take a look and the results below…


As you can see the processor listed as “AMD Engineering Sample” scores quite well in the test. It completes the Blender run in 69 seconds, which is the exact same performance as an Intel Xeon E5 2680 v2 processor! It scores better than the Core i7 6900k as well.

Now with Zen AMD will be shipping an 8-core processor for Summit Ridge up to a 32-core processor which is known as the Naples processor. Now we do not know what processor was tested here. If it is indeed the 8-core processor its performance exceeds all expectations and blows away the competition. Now if it is a Naples chip it fits pretty well with what is expected.

Still great to see this performance from AMD. Only time will tell the actual performance of Zen.

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