Intel Core i5-7600K Tested

Before its official launch a Core i5-7600K processor (non-ES) made its way to Chinese tech site PCOnline, who took no time putting it through a bunch of tests. This was made possible by many motherboard manufacturers releasing CPU support BIOS’s for their LGA1151 boards. The Core i5-7600K is based on the 14 nm “Kaby Lake” silicon and will effectively replace the current i5-6600K. The chip feature a quad-core design with a core clock of 3.80 GHz and a boost clock up to 4.20 GHz and 6MB of cache.


In their tests PCOnline found that the chip is about 9-10% faster than the i5-6600K, but that is more than likely because it has higher clock speeds out of the box (3.80/4.20 GHz vs. 3.50/3.90 GHz of the i5-6600K). Clock for clock the chip is only 1% faster, which indicates that the Kaby Lake architecture only has a slight IPC (instructions per clock) performance over the “Skylake” architecture. The power draw also appears to be the same as the i5-6600K so that points to fab-level improvements given that the chip is running at higher clock speeds without increased power draw. Check out some of the graphs below from the PCOnline review.

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