Gigabyte To Sell Motherboards & Graphics Cards Under the AORUS Brand

Gigabyte’s subsidiary AORUS currently sells gaming gaming notebooks and gaming peripherals. Starting in 2017 the company is going to start offering motherboards as well as graphics cards. Gigabyte already has two main gaming lines under their G1.Gaming and Xtreme Gaming extensions so adding AORUS would make a third. Both the G1.Gaming and Xtreme Gaming lines have not been able to compete against ASUS’s Republic of Gamers or MSI’s Gaming Series.


AORUS, unlike Gigabye’s other gaming lines is a brand unto itself, the products lack any prominent Gigabyte markings or logos. The first AORUS based motherboards will be made available in 2017 and will be socket LGA1151 based on Intel’s upcoming 200-series chipset. The first AORUS-branded graphics cards will be seen when AMD and NVIDIA launch their next high-end GPUs.

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