AMD RX Vega 3DMark 11 Score Leaked – Better Performance Than GTX 1080

There has finally been a legitimate 3DMark entry for AMD’s upcoming RX Vega graphics card. This particular entry comes from a reference RX Vega board, with the code-name of 687F:C1. Not only does this database entry give show us what we can expect from AMD’s upcoming high-end graphics offerings, but also info on the specifications of the card.


So looking at the specifications of the card the clock speed is only 30 MHz faster than Vega Frontier Edition and the HBM2 frequency is identical to Vega FE, so that translates to 484 GB/s bandwidth. The card does not have 16GB of HBM2 like Vega FE, but rather a modest 8GB. As for clocks on this sample we have a 1630 MHz core clock and the memory is at 945 MHz. This is a significant bump compared to earlier samples we’ve seen. Check out the image below to see the full 3DMark 11 results…

rxvega 3dmark 11 performance

The RX Vega card scores 31,873 graphics points in the test, which is roughly four thousand points more than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, and double that of the GTX 1070. The GTX 1080 Ti however remains the leader with 38,389 points.

rxvega 3dmark 11 performance graph

Now if we look at the scores the GTX 1080 Ti is ahead of RX Vega by about 20%. RX Vega is ahead of the GTX 1080 by 15%, and the GTX 1070 by 35%.

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