Star Wars Battlefront II Playable Heroes Leaked

Star Wars Battlefront II does not come out until November, but the Alpha for the game is going on and one code-savvy gamer looks to have found the list of Playable Heroes in the game. Reddit user uninspired_zebra has listed the playable heroes as well as their abilities.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The lists contains many returning favorites along with new additions. The list is probably not complete as we know Finn, for example, is known to be part of the a free post-release add-on. Here is the list:

– Boba Fett
– Han Solo
– Princess Leia
– Luke Skywalker
– Bossk
– Chewbacca
– Darth Vader
– Emperor Palpatine
– General Grievous
– Iden Versio
– Kylo Ren
– Lando Calrissian
– Darth Maul
– Captain Phasma
– Rey
– Yoda

The same Reddit user also found a rundown of weapons and abilities for many of these characters, which you can find right here.

Star Wars Battlefront II comes out on all platforms November 17th! Are you excited?

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