Phanteks Announces the New NV Series With The NV7 Showcase Chassis Along with D30 D-RGB Fans

The new NV7 marks the beginning of a brand-new series of Phanteks chassis. The NV Series envisions a chassis that supports the system components aesthetically and with excellent cooling performance. The new NV series brings beauty and usability together, creating a perfect balance of form and function. Alongside the release of the NV7, Phanteks also introduces the new D30 DRGB fans. Combining premium D-RGB lighting with the 30 mm thick and aerodynamic fan blades inspired by the ultimate T30 fan, the D30-120 makes for a true premium D-RGB fan for modern systems.

Phanteks NV7

The Phanteks NV7, with its unmistakable purpose design, highlights the system components with the motherboard at its center. One defining design element of the NV7 is its strong and defining outer frame that captures and accentuates the hardware components. With a clean design from all sides, the NV7 allows you to place your system freely without the traditionally messy rear side. The glass panels offer a near-seamless view of the inside to further focus on the system components.

Phanteks NV7

A picture frame for your system
Creating a picture-perfect build is the core element of the NV7, with fans positioned all around the motherboard, the heart of your system, like a picture frame. The near-seamless glass panels provide a perfect view of all your system components.

Performance without compromise
The ultra-fine performance mesh design is featured on all sides of the chassis, combining high airflow with good dust filtration. The bottom features a high-quality dust filter with an immense intake area that provides the best cooling performance to the GPU. A total of twelve 120 mm fan positions make sure the NV7 is ready for any challenge.

Phanteks NV7

Innovative building features
Integrated fan/radiator brackets, LED cable covers, airflow covers, and an array of unique cable management tools make any NV7 build stand out from the crowd.

D30—Premium D-RGB performance fan
The Phanteks D30-120 comes equipped with integrated D-RGB lighting throughout its frame and blades on all sides. The Halos lighting ring on the inside provides the smoothest lighting effect on both sides of the fan blades known from the unique Phanteks Halos Fan Fames. Multiple D30 frames can be linked together as one with bridge connectors and screw cover plates to reduce cables, resulting in extremely clean builds.

Phanteks D30 Fans Phanteks D30 Fans

D-RGB all the way
The D-RGB lighting is integrated and visible from all sides of the D30-120 fan. The blades reflect the light coming from the Halos lighting ring inside the frame. This makes the lighting effect brighter and smoother than usual. The diffuser lines in the frame pass on the lighting effect from one fan to the next creating a chain effect throughout the system.

30 mm of performance
The D30-120 airflow performance excels especially when things get tough. When put on a radiator or behind restrictive mesh/dust filters, the 30 mm thick frame and blades provide plenty of air pressure to keep things cool.

Taking builds to the next level
With regular and reversed airflow models available, the D30 fan allows for the perfect configuration without obstructing the fan blade lighting effect. Linking multiple fans together reduces cable clutter considerably while the screw cover plates, and bridge connectors make multiple D30 fans work as one clean unit.

Availability: April 2023


  • NV7 D-RGB Black: USD $219.99
  • NV7 DRGB Matte White: USD $219.99
  • D30 Single Pack – Regular | Reverse and Black | White: USD $29.99
  • D30 Triple Pack – Regular | Reverse and Black | White: USD $84.99

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