Pixie is the only finder using Augmented Reality to help you find your things – faster!

It is so important for busy individuals to establish a sense of order to their day to get things done. When vital things get misplaced such as your wallet or house keys, it can be a huge inconvenience.  The time spent looking for misplaced items is a waste of valuable time and a real hassle.  That’s the reason why it’s so important to have a system that makes it possible to easily and quickly locate misplaced personal items such as keys, wallet, IDs and other important documents.

There are many technological devices that have been introduced to the market to help us locate personal items. The technology behind these items varies.  Some have Bluetooth, and some have GPS. Thanks to continuous improvements in technology, there is now a breakthrough tracker in the market that uses Augmented Reality, and it’s the first of its kind!

Augmented Reality makes it possible to visualize real-time data that the Location of Things (LoT) platform connects seamlessly. The unique capability that Augmented Reality brings to everyday life is that it can be digitally attached to the physical world and to everyday things and can be easily accessed by any users on or off-line. In other words, Augmented Reality gives physical things a digital identity so they can be easy located.


Today, physical items are not easily locatable. They are passive, silent, they don’t communicate with you or each other, you need to look for them, find them, keep them together. That takes time and effort you want to spend somewhere else.  Products powered by Augmented Reality and LoT change the way you interact and relate to physical items by giving them a digital identity, a language and the intelligence to communicate with you and with each other.

This remarkable technology allows individuals and families to know where the things that matter most are at all times and enjoy a better quality of life.

Pixie: An Overview

The only finder that uses Augmented Reality is Pixie Technology.  Pixie Technology has been around since 2013 and is the company that developed the Location of Things (LoT) technology™ platform.  In fact, the company has multiple patents for the technology used to make indoor location an exact science. Pixie’s mission is to transform how people interact with the physical word and do to the physical world what Google did to the digital one.

Pixie is unique because it is the only 2-in-1 key tracker that utilizes both visual and audio location methods to find valuable objects.  This gives the user more options for finding their things.  The visual technology aspect makes use of the Augmented Reality view, similar to taking a panoramic picture Augmented Reality view lets you scan a room and will show you where your item is.  Audio technology works when the user gets within 5 feet of the item and will beep loudly to further help you find your item quickly. Pixie allows the user to quickly see where things are located.  Pixie trackers (called ‘Points’) are attached to chosen objects that are valuable but seem to get misplaced easily such as wallets, keys, and mobile devices. It is now possible to easily find, protect, and organize everyday things that are valuable and essential.  These easily misplaced things are now instantly discoverable with Pixie.

How Pixie Works

Pixie Points can be attached to remote controls, mobile devices, passports, wallets, handbags, car keys, house keys and even pets. Pixie is capable of finding anything using one of the smallest location tags in the market.  It features the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) location tags. The dimensions of the tag are 1.4” wide x 1.8” tall x 0.13” thick.


Pixie Points communicate with each other and form an efficient and secure self-managing network. This network is private and fully-secure, to be accessed only by the account holder. Pixie Points are not device-specific but correspond with a certain account.  This means that each account can have up to 8 Pixie Points (1 Pixie Point must be placed on your phone to allow the points to network properly) that can be managed through one device. Management of Pixie is done through the Pixie App on the secure Pixie Cloud.

The innovative Pixie platform is simple and it does not need pre-installation.  It is ideal for people-on-the-go because it functions wherever the user goes. The Pixie Point is a piece of hardware that is attached to things.  It calculates exact coordinates when the user is trying to locate the missing object. There is visual guidance on the iPhone/iPad, and it tells the user if the tracker has found the item and calculates the distance in feet and inches. Many hearing-impaired individuals appreciate the Pixie tracker’s ability to provide visual guidance.  However, the key tracker can also emit a beeping sound for those who prefer audio guidance.

Here is a short information video that explains and illustrates how Pixie works:

The Technology behind Pixie

Pixie uses Location of Things (LoT) technology™. LoT technology adds location awareness to the Internet of Things (LoT). This breakthrough platform is able to accurately locate things down to inches due to its high-resolution location feature.  It also amazingly locates things through walls.  Pixie uses ultra-low power and location tags, which means that the tags are all designed for battery-operated Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  It is very easy to set up because no infrastructure or self-located anchors are needed. Users of Pixie only need to download the Pixie app onto their iPhone or iPad and attach the location tags which they call “Pixie Points” to the items they want tracked. One of the unique features of Pixie Points, aside from accuracy and range is that the network enables things that belong together to be identified.  This is manifested through the “nearby” features of the device

It has the smallest Bluetooth Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband (BLE-UWB location tags) on the market. Bluetooth Low Energy gives significantly reduced power consumption to help optimize battery efficiency.  Ultra-Wideband is a wireless communication method that uses radio technology.  It uses a very low level of energy as it transmits huge amounts of digital data in high-bandwidth connections over short distances.

The Bluetooth range is about 30 to 50’ indoors and up to 100’ outdoors. There is no charging or maintenance needed for the Pixie Points, and the battery life is 12+ months. Pixie Points are waterproof up to 3 feet of water, with an IP67 standard.

Pixie Packages

There are several packs for you to choose from on getpixie.com, depending on your needs.

The 2-pack includes; 2 Pixie Points, 1 key chain, 2 extra adhesives, and 1 curved surface adapter.

The 4-pack includes; 4 Pixie Points, 2 key chains, 3 extra adhesives, and 1 curved surface adapter.

The 8-pack includes; 8 Pixie Points, 4 key chains, 6 extra adhesives, and 2 curved surface adapters.

Pixie colors may vary and 1 Pixie Point must be placed on your iPhone to allow the points to network properly.  Android users shouldn’t fret because it will soon be available on Android devices. As soon as Pixie users register and pair the Points to the App, their account is able to track up to 7 items at a glance.

Another great thing about Pixie is that customers get a free iPhone case – you can use your own, but Pixie still provides one that is specially designed to seamlessly integrate Pixie, and accessories with every purchase.

Many satisfied users love Pixie. Not only are they very happy with the product, saying that it is simply the best key tracker in the market, but they also love the customer service and support of the company. With Pixie, it is now easy to locate things that people value the most or essential things that easily get misplaced. With its Location of Things (LoT) technology, nothing can hide from Pixie.

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