Play Now, Pay Later: A Gaming Laptop Financing Guide

For serious gamers, owning a top of the line gaming laptop is the ultimate dream. But these gaming laptops don’t come cheap. The best ones run over $1,000 and some elite ones ring up at over $2,000.

Not a lot of people have that kind of money to sink into a laptop used primarily for entertainment.

Fortunately, not having the money right here right now doesn’t mean that you can’t get the gaming laptop of your dreams. There are laptop financing plans that allow you to pay for your dream setup over time.

What are your financing options for buying the gaming laptop of your dreams? Read on to find out.

Financing Through the Retailer/Manufacturer

One popular option for financing a laptop is to use the financing programs offered by the store where you’re purchasing the laptop or the manufacturer of the laptop.

Financing through a store’s financing program often requires getting a store credit card. You can pay off that line of credit the same way you’d pay off any credit card. The store credit card is different from a regular credit card in that it can only be used at the store.

Many laptop manufacturers also have financing options that allow you to make monthly payments. Some of these programs are run directly by the manufacturer. Others are run by third parties. Either way, you purchase the laptop on a financing plan, directly from the manufacturer and then make monthly payments.

Be warned, you need to make your payments on time and pay off the laptop within the time period specified in the financing plan. If you make late payments or pay less than you should each month, these programs tend to charge hefty fees.

Credit Card

Credit cards are the most tried and true way to slowly pay off a large purchase. Finding a credit card with no monthly fees and a low-interest rate or an introductory no interest rate period is a great way to finance the purchase of a laptop.

Make sure to make monthly payments that are more than the minimum and to pay off your laptop as quickly as you can, especially if the card has an introductory period with no fees.

To find the best credit card for financing a laptop purchase read on here.

Personal Loan

If you have good credit and are in good standing with your bank, then getting a personal loan is another way to finance your laptop purchase. Personal loans have the advantage of putting money right into your bank account. So, you can walk into the store and purchase your laptop with cash or your debit card.

Since personal loans are extended through the bank, they often have good interest rates. Just be aware that personal loans usually have very strict repayment terms. So, make sure you can make the set monthly payments and that you can pay off the loan within the specified time.

PayPal Later

If you’re purchasing your gaming laptop from an online store that accepts PayPal, you can checkout using PayPal’s financing plan – PayPal Later. When you use this service, PayPal extends you a line of credit for the exact amount of the purchase.

PayPal Later is flexible about your monthly payments, but their interest rates are pretty high if you don’t pay off your purchase within 6 months. So, if you’ll need more time, choose another financing option.

Is Laptop Financing for You?

Laptop financing is a great way to get the gaming laptop of your dreams, as long as you can stick to the monthly payment plan!

All of these financing options have their own terms about how quickly you should pay off your purchase and how much you need to pay each month. With almost all of them, the fees get high if you miss a payment, are late on a payment, or take too long to pay off your purchase.

If you’re sure you can make all your payments on time and you have enough monthly income to consistently cover monthly payments, laptop financing is the perfect option.

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