Protect Your Computer While Torrenting

Going online is a vital part of everyday life these days. People of all ages are using the internet for all sorts of things. From streaming videos to playing games to looking up recipes, it’s a staple of our diet. We live in a digital age. And sometimes, the content that we crave isn’t always readily available, so we look elsewhere like torrenting to get our hands on it. Now while we don’t condone it, we know it’s a big thing, and if you are going to do it, you may as well protect your computer while doing so.

The Rise of the Torrent

We all know that people download things off the internet. Whether it’s movies or music, programs or games, people all around the world are torrenting from well-known sites. Why? Sometimes people are just cheap and don’t want to pay out for things. A lot of the time, though, it’s to do with access, and it’s not all about pirating. For instance, there are fitness companies or TV companies that only offer a streaming service, but perhaps you may only want to watch one video, not pay for a membership. And with no DVDs available, there’s no other option. Or location can play a part in restrictive access, so again torrenting comes up as an alternative way to get content. But if torrenting is going to be used, it’s important to make sure your computer is secure while you’re doing so.

Protect yourself

While we realize that many users online will be using BitTorrent and other associated torrent sites to download content that perhaps they shouldn’t be, we also know that there are many users that grab legal content. But it’s important to note that there is always the risk of being caught if you plan on torrenting. No doubt, your ISP won’t support torrenting and will ban it straight away, not even giving you access to the sites. And even if you do have access, you open yourself up to lots of malicious spyware, software, and other online threats. But if you have a VPN in place, in particular a reliable VPN for torrenting, then you should have the tool you need to protect yourself.

VPNs are the ideal solution to protect your computer while torrenting. They help mask your IP address, so your ISP won’t know that you’re using BitTorrent or other torrenting services. They’re a great way to help protect you against hackers or unsafe sites and offer you a privacy level that you won’t find online unless you use a VPN. So the next thing is to make sure you find the best one. Here are a few things to look out for.

Security is paramount. In fact, that’s possibly the most important thing you should look for when getting a VPN client. There are lots out there, so do your homework and check out the relevant encryption protocols and security details. You want to make sure nobody is going to get hold of your data, so a VPN with the best security in place needs to be top of the list. VPNs also offer a ‘no-logs policy’ and a guarantee. Again, this is key as one of the main things you want to do is to leave no trace of where you’ve been torrenting from. If you have this, you can go onto torrent sites and download, and it’ll be like you were never there. It’ll also mean your computer is protected against any online attacks. The best VPNs don’t just mask your IP; the security technology incorporated within them makes sure you won’t be the victim of any online attacks from hackers.

Another essential when you’re on your VPN hunt is to find one that lets you enjoy the full download speeds you’re used to. There’s no point trying to torrent and download material if the VPN restricts your speed. By finding one which doesn’t limit it, you can keep on downloading while keeping your IP free and secure. It’s also worth checking out to see if the VPN has a ‘kill switch.’ This effectively shuts down your connection to the internet if the VPN ever stops working and reveals your real IP.

If you’re going to download using torrents, then so be it. But please make sure you’re doing it the safest way possible. A reliable VPN gives you security and privacy online and protects you when you need it the most. And of course, one that’s at a good price, but if you’re torrenting, then you know all about finding the best deals.