PS5 UI Runs At 4k With HDR Support While Xbox Series X UI Is Limited To 1080p

The new generation of consoles will soon arrive in the markets, and hence many creative ways are being used to compare these next-gen consoles; for instance, the UI of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is being compared.

Xbox Series S X

The PS5 user experience was unveiled by Sony today. Along with the new layout and picture-in-picture features, Eurogamer confirmed that the PS5 UI will run at native 4k resolution along with HDR support. On the other hand, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman has revealed that Xbox Series X’s UI will run at 1080p.

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Although the UI may not concern you much, you should not forget that you spend a lot of time scrolling through these menus, and it will be difficult for you to adjust to 1080p after playing a game on 4k resolution.

Sony PS5

The decision to limit UI’s resolution to 1080p is beneficial as it will allow Microsoft to keep more processing power and RAM for games. It also means that Microsoft will be able to maintain consistency in the experience provided across its consoles. Yesterday, Microsoft deployed the new UI on Xbox One systems while the Xbox Series X and S will offer the same basic user experience.

Xbox Series X and S will be launched on November 10, while the PS5 will be launched on November 12 or November 19, depending on your region.

Via Twitter(@dark1x)