QPAD Launches MK-70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

QPAD has just announced a brand new gaming keyboard, the MK-70. The MK-70 is more or less an upgraded version of QPAD’s MK-50 that features Cherry MX key switches and blue back-lighting. QPAD is looking to give gamers the best bang for their buch with the MK-70.

QPAD MK-70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The MK-70 is a no nonsense mechanical keyboard, just what many gamers are looking for. It is a stripped down version of the companies MK-85 that lacks the programmable keys or extra audio and USB ports. The MK-70 still features full N-Key roll over, gold plated connectors, and media keys for easy control of playback, pause, skip track etc.

QPAD MK-70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

QPAD has gone with Cherry MX Red switches on this MK-70. These operate with an actuation point of 2mm and requires a pressure of 45g for the key to register a stroke, which will facilitate precision and control in games that require multi-tapping. The Cherry MX Red switches are not tactile and do not offer any audible feedback. Some gamers prefer audible and tactile feedback, and some prefer none.

The QPAD MK-70 will be available at the end of October.

Source: QPAD | News Archive

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