Quake Champions Gets First Gameplay Trailer

QuakeCon is currently going on and attendees were greeted by the first gameplay trailer of Quake Champions. This of course is the arena first person shooter that was announced back at E3 2016. Check out the trailer below.

Wow after watching that how can you cannot be excited for this game? Towards the end of the trailer it says “Pure Speed, Pure Skill, Pure FPS”. It really looks like Quake Champions gameplay will be very close to the Quake 3 Arena gameplay which we all know and love. So it is all about the rocket jump! Also one thing to note is that there will not be loadouts in Quake champions or limits on how many weapons a player can carry. So this will be like a classic FPS!

Closed beta of the game will start in 2017, we will let you know when that happens!

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