Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Online Casino Gaming

One of the main draws of online casino gaming is that it is accessible and low-maintenance. The vast majority of games and platforms will run smoothly on the browser of even the most basic laptop or smartphone, meaning that the barrier to entry is very low for these types of games. Nonetheless, problems can and do occur when attempting to play our favourite slots, table games, and live casino games. If you are having trouble, we have got you covered. Check out these quick troubleshooting tips for smoother online casino gameplay.

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Read the Small Print

Oftentimes, your issue might not be an error at all. This is often the case with online casino bonuses, with users struggling to claim a bonus and get their free bet credited to their account. If this is not working for you, make sure to read the T&Cs for the bonus first, as there might be a step that you need to complete before you can get your bonus.

For example, you can click here to see the latest casino bonuses and offers at Paddy Power, which includes €5 free slot bets every week. You’ll see on the dedicated bonus page that this bonus is credited to accounts at 12pm every Monday. If you have clicked “claim” and the €5 has not landed in your account, you might just have to wait a little bit.

Check Your Browser

Online casino games are nearly always browser-based titles that run on HTML5. If you keep getting the error message on your browser window, it is possible that the browser itself is not equipped for HTML5. You probably just need to update your current browser. However, you might need to switch to a different browser if you are using a niche platform that might not have gotten the memo on the HTML5 update, read more here.

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Clear Your Cache

As with so many things in life, a cleared browser cache can make the world of difference. If you have a valid HTML browser but your games are still not loading on the casino site, it is entirely possible that your cache is the culprit. If your cache is storing corrupted data, this may prompt an incorrect command that prevents you from running casino games. Clear your browser’s cache and refresh the webpage to see if your game will work.

Check Your Connection

This might sound obvious, but it really does bear repeating. You should always ensure that your internet connection is stable and secure before playing online casino games. Try loading other websites to see if you actually have a working internet connection. Consult your network settings and run troubleshooting if your computer has identified an issue. You can use connection testing sites like Speed Test to see if your connection meets minimum standards. When all else fails, you can always try the time-honoured approach of unplugging your router.

In the vast majority of cases, these troubleshooting tips should remove the obstacles between you and smooth casino gaming. If these don’t work, there may be deeper issues at play.