Raijintek Announces Triton AIO CPU Cooler

Raijintek who we mainly know for cases and air CPU coolers have just entered the AiO watercooling market with their Triton AiO CPU Cooler. Raijintek says the Triton comes after several years of development and that they have completed the concept of the best performing all-in-one CPU cooler for enthusiasts.

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Cooler

The Raijintek Triton uses a copper water block with a completely new design using a micro channel system with extra large contact fin surfaces and two flow channels giving the best route of liquid flow design. The Triton AIO pump is brand new and exclusive design with a high Q-Max and low dBA combined through a reservoir tank designed with two LED lights inside for the visual aspect and easy refillable locations.

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Cooler

Not only the pump and water block are based on a new design, but also the radiator architecture which uses a high density 240mm fin design to keep cooling at a maximum, included with a RPM fan controller for the included Raijintek fans specifically designed for the AIO cooler.

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Cooler

Compatible with all modern sockets, by Intel and AMD along with an easy installation process that is very user friendly, suitable for enthusiasts, gamers and casual users. The AIO cooler contains clear liquid which is non-conductive pre-filled in the tubes, with additional bottles of dye if the user prefers to go for a different look or feel choosing from green, red or blue fluid.

Source: Raijintek | News Archive

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