Razer Announces Eidolon the World’s First Wearable Drone System

Razer is making a groundbreaking announcement today with their Eidolon Wearable Drone System! Razer says, “when you escape the boundaries of first-person you have a true out of body experience”. The Razer Eidolon is a wearable drone system that will follow you a pre-set configurations and will seamlessly steam the footage from its built-in camera.

Razer Eidolon

The Razer Eidolon makes use of a revolutionary membrane lens that allows you to see what the drone is seeing. You can easily switch between your natural perspective and third person. The Eidolon will also have a manual mode that allows you to fully control the drone with the motion controlled wrist command module.

When you have your drone on the wrist command module it will charge your drone. Razer is still working on the Eidolon and want your feedback. They are asking you to tweet them using the hashtag #RazerDrone.

Source: Razer | News Archive

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