Razer assures its 2nd gen Linear optical switches will not inherit the noise issue

Razer announced its 2nd generation of linear optical switches for its keyboard. It is reported that these will be ready to be released by August. Razer assures that the next variant will be quieter than its 1st generation yellow and purple switches.

The natural feature of linear future: Quieter, faster actuation

Linear switches, irrespective of the switch maker, are most preferred by a large variant of users. While tactile switches have a large niche of keyboard enthusiasts, the linear variants are enjoyed by many gamers and streamers. Many feel these are easier to actuate. The mic does not pick up a lot of its mechanical sound. But it seems that wasn’t naturally carried forward with Razer’s counterpart. After receiving feedback about this issue, Razer is able to figure out and make a couple of improvements for this switch.

Razer’s own mechanical switches

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Razer has three switches, the trademark green, orange and yellow switches. The green has as tactile feedback with audible clicks, similar to Cherry MX Blue. The orange switches provide tactile bump without the click sound, perhaps similar to Cherry MX/ Gateron Brown. The yellow is a linear switch.  It does provide some good amount of information about these switches, include the recording of its actuation sound.

Razer is using them exclusively for its mechanical keyboards. It is not known any other brand uses Razer switches, or if the company is providing these for others. The Huntsman Tournament Edition is one of Razer’s mechanical keyboard that uses these. In the earlier days, Razer used Cherry MX and later switched to Kailh. It is not sure if Razer will be keen on using other known switches, seeing that Kailh has come a long way with box switches. 

To fix this, Razer will add silicon dampeners in every switch. It will also use a different and more lubrication to make it smoother. As a result, the changes were in its favour, according to them. According to Razer’s internal testing, the test switches are 50% quieter. The new lubrication method will also be used in its purple clicky switches. Most likely it will replace the switches in existing models and call it a day.

VIA: Toms Hardware