Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Razer Kazuyo Game Controller Photos Leaked

We can now see a set of Razer’s new game controller pictures on the web and it is surprising how the leaked images show the controller to be an MFi controller (made for iPhone). Razer has already hinted towards working for the iOS game controller and this new Razer Kazuyo game controller features the face and shoulder button and this iOS device has a directional pad on both the sides. This layout somewhat appears to be similar since we have seen this being featured on the Logitech’s Powershell and also the Ace Power game controllers for iOS devices by MOGA.

Razer Kazuyo

Though the controllers share multiple features, there is one distinct point in the Razer Kazuyo which gives it an edge over the others. It provides a way for better viewing angels with the ability to tilt the iPhone. This takes gaming convenience to a whole new level with ease of accessibility. The controller will also be compatible with a couple of iOS games on its arrival and though we don’t exactly know when this arrival is going to be, we can tell from the pictures that it won’t be long.

Razer Kazuyo

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