Razer shows off its Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth CLG Edition Keyboard

Gaming Keyboards have gotten more and more “Old School” as the PC Gaming has gotten more popular. Why would old school be better? Well the old Mechanical Keyboards from the old IBM days were all the rage and every awesome gamer worth his weight in cyberspace, wanted to own one of the old clicky keyboards because they were faster and more tactile than most of the Cell form keyboards that were being made for the present time machines.

CLG edition Blackwidow for 2014

Now Gaming board are KING and Razer has been a big leader in these board for the past few years so when they introduced their New Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth CLG Edition Keyboard. They went to the Expert Gamers at Counter Logic Gaming to see what they needed in a keyboard and made one just for them and all other gamers as well.

The Crue

The Keyboard has an amazingly high visibility for low light gaming conditions and also comes with a list of top Gaming Keyboard Features that the Counter Logic Gaming Crewe had asked for to make a part of these Namesake New Keyboard like:

•Fully programmable keys + 5 additional gaming keys with on-the-fly macro recording
•Individually backlit keys with improved lighting
•Easy access media keys for convenient volume control and media playback
•Mechanical key architecture with distinct tactile feel and faster response
•10 key rollover for extreme anti-ghosting

CLG edition Blackwidow for 2014

For the average player some of these features don’t mean much, but for a real top line gamer that is willing to spend a hefty $139.00 US Dollars on a lighted gaming keyboard, they know exactly what these features mean. It’s Called SBD/Silent but Deadly. Which means these keys are silent, deadly, but they don’t stink.

The Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth CLG Edition is available now but don’t get the regular green keyed BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth mixed up with the Black and White Special Edition that is the new one.

Happy Gaming.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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