Razer Will Build a Toaster for 1M Facebook Likes!

Talking about a toaster on a hardware and computer related platform is quite absurd and might not register with the readers at first attempt. It only makes a little sense when we introduce the toaster coming from the gaming guru, Razer. The idea is quite obviously too high on the crazy side but most of the diehard fans of gaming and especially loyal customers of Razer might want to give it a try. Hearing about this toaster is not enough; the design that has been unveiled is closer to what the original thing will end up looking like and is quite attractive. With the Razer logo right on the front side in sharp neon green, the toaster soon starts to fit in on the gaming side and this is from where it gets its name of the Razer gaming toaster.

Razer Toaster

The idea is still under construction and because it is reasonably tilted towards the riskier end, the CEO of Razer has announced that the toaster will only go till the stage of finalization once the Razer toaster page on Facebook gets at least a million likes. So the more hits the like button gets on this page, the higher the chances get of the toaster being released by the company.

Though nothing has been finalized yet about the design and features but a few specifications have come out from the box and it is expected that the gaming toaster will contain different options for toasting along with a progress bar on it aluminum surface.

Razer Toaster

Source: Razer Toaster Facebook | News Archive