Reasons Why You Don’t Rank Up in CS: GO

It’s not too difficult to see that ranks are a big deal to competitive CS: GO players. Ranks are a way to show how good you are at the game and help you be placed higher than others and not be seen as a failure.

As such, if you open a case here and get a cool skin, it’s not enough to show off to other players because ranks are ultimately taken more seriously. Somehow, though, not all CS: GO players are so lucky, and ranking up seems impossible, despite all the attempts. Why can’t you rank up in this game? Here are a few possible reasons.

  1. You Are Not Competitive Enough

The most important thing when playing CS: GO is to enjoy yourself and get some entertainment, but if ranking up is your desire, this won’t be enough. If you want it to happen, you have to be a little less casual and a little more competitive. In other words, your mind must be fixated on the “I must win!” scenario.

If you’re not competitive, ranking up is unlikely to happen, given winning is not as much of a wish. So, if you want to escape the Silver rank hell, try to get more serious and do your best to win.

  1. You Don’t Communicate

Remember – this isn’t a 1v1 game. You will have a team that will go against another team, so any strategy you’re thinking of should involve your comrades. You can’t simply go on a murder spree, attempt to kill all of your opponents and come out victorious. In fact, that would fail regardless.

Communication is one of the keys to winning matches and ranking up. If you talk to your teammates, you will all be able to come with a plan to take over the enemies and win in a glorious way. That being said, make sure you are cooperating, or else your chances to succeed are below 0.

  1. You Don’t Know the Game

You can’t just expect to rank up despite barely having any idea how to play the game. Of course, you won’t know everything as soon as you get into CS: GO, which is why you should spend a considerate amount of time learning and mastering everything.

Having said that, you must do your best to learn some maps, learn how to aim and perfect the smokes. In time, these things will be absorbed and you’ll be able to combine everything you’ve learned and apply it to your competitive matches. Consequently, you will have greater chances to win and increase your rank.

  1. You’re Not Using Grenades Properly

It might not be the most decisive factor of the game, but it still has an impact on the outcome of the match. You can’t just throw grenades like nothing. They have to be used in the right places because smoke could blind the enemies and force them to retreat. If you use them recklessly, you may only give away your location and get killed.

It will take a while, but ranking up is possible if you know what to avoid. Make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes, and you’ll be able to escape the Silver rank.

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