Reeven Shows off Low-Profile CPU Coolers At Computex

Reveen was showing off three low-profile CPU coolers at Computex that are perfect for that small form factor system. The first cooler is the Steropes (RC-1206), which is only 60 mm tall including the fan. The cooler features a 120 x 120 mm size aluminum fin stack with heatpipes and is ventilated by a 12 mm thick 120 mm fan. The cooler is just tall enough to not get in the way of components on a mini-ITX motherboard.

Reeven Steropes

Up next is the Brontes (RC-1001) which measures 105 mm x 59 mm x 114 mm. It has lower clearance below the fin-stack than the Steropes. It features an aluminum fin stack with four heatpipes and is ventilated by a 12 mm thick 100 mm fan.

Reeven Brontes

The third cooler is the Vanxie (RC-0801), which is only 33 mm tall and just about the size of the Intel reference heatsink. There is almost no clearance below the aluminum fin stack. The cooler measures 80 mm x 33 mm x 93 mm, has two heatpipes and is ventilated by a 10.8 mm thick 80 mm fan.

Reeven Vanxie

All three coolers have support for Intel LGA115x and AMD AM1, AM3+, and FM2+ socket types (under 100W TDP).

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.


Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive

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