Remote Working Is Upgrading The Quality Of Human Life

Arguably one of the biggest revolutions in recent history that simultaneously has delivered an increased quality of life is remote work. Not only do workers have the option to decide their work schedule, which in itself, has huge benefits because not everyone is productive at the same time. Some people are night owls, some people work best in the wee hours of the morning. Trying to fit everyone into a conventional work schedule is like trying to throw squares, ovals, and rectangles into a circular hole.

Taking control of your own life

Being able to decide when you want to eat or adjusting your working hours to fit your schedules not only offers more freedom to employees, but it also means that they are finally able to see the dentist about that tooth that’s been bugging them or attend their child’s swim meet, all of which directly contributes to an employee’s overall wellbeing. Not being restricted by the strict nine to five job means that employees will be able to work on themselves as well. Be it hobbies, a side hustle, or something that brings an improved sense of well-being will play a part in the employee’s productivity as highlighted in the next point.

Productivity is at an all time high

While it may seem that employers are the ones benefiting from a productive employee, but, think about how accomplishments make you feel. Nobody goes to work hoping to be an underachiever. Being able to hit your goals can also boost one’s mental state of mind because accomplishments, no matter how small, do not go unrewarded. When you do something that you set out to do, your brain gives you a dose of serotonin, the happy hormone. Having work life balance can go a long way because employees are less likely to suffer from burnout while increasing their productivity, which is beneficial all around.

Work, family, and self can finally be in a balanced state

There was a meme that was pretty popular about how you can only choose two from: Good Grades, Enough Sleep, and a Social Life. With remote work, employees can have enough time for family, themselves, and work. Guess what? When you’re checking all the boxes and living a fulfilled life, it also improves your well-being and happiness. As mentioned above, increased happiness leads to increased productivity, and happiness is often linked to having enough time for the things that you love, whether work, family, or self.

Do the things that matter to you

Let’s face it, how many of us have gotten a job simply because it’s the only thing we can do? With remote work, it really opens up the opportunity for growth and innovation. There are artists who make a living with their bad drawings, people who are creating digital products on a regular basis, creating content, all of this would not have been possible without the growing prevalence of remote work. Furthermore, we used to be limited by our geography. With the internet, why does it matter where you live? People can outsource, build a remote team, or join a company that’s 500 miles away and they won’t have to leave their loved ones behind in order to pursue their dream job – isn’t that the dream?