Remove Malicious Content About You — Here’s How!

Negative SEO is real, and it is designed to sabotage you, your brand, and your website. Many people out there have become desperate enough or just plain evil and have resorted to ways attacking you probably because of a rivalry in the industry or to ruin you and gain the market share and success your brand has. If you’re an influencer or you manage a brand or business that has a great online reputation, you might want to put preventive measures first to protect anything that you have earnestly strived to build online. You can get social cover here and protect your reputation and success that you have hardworkingly built. Social cover becomes a safeguard and stronghold for you and your social brand.

Negative SEO is the practice of utilizing a black hat and unethical strategies to sabotage a website, account and search engine results that may be of a competitor, a known enemy, or whatnot. It can be done in different ways such as hacking your website or account, copying the content of your website or account and sharing it all over the internet, creating hundreds and thousands of spammy links to your website, making many fake social accounts that are used to destroy your online reputation and brand, pointing links like viagra, poker online, and other keywords like that. The fake social accounts made can even release content that can be detrimental to your or your brand. All those years striving to build your reputation, to reach the audience you have now, and to be where you are now looking back from where you started.

So, what can you do?

Get social cover!

Whether you’re experiencing online sabotage now, handling a scandal about you or your website because of a viral post, or just sitting pretty at home having a normal day, find and get in touch with a content removal and reputation management company. If there’s a hurtful or malicious post online about you or your brand that’s starting to gain attention from your existing, potential customer, and others, you should do whatever you can to take it down. The longer you let it stay on the internet, the more damage it’s bringing your account, website, your brand, and you as a whole. Content removal companies can take care of that! More so, these content removal companies also function as reputation management firms, and more. Learn more about other features and services they offer.

One of the most important things you should have in order to prevent these malicious attacks is the social cover. Social cover intelligently examines and takes down content that is found to be reputation-damaging targeted at your market power and profitability. More so, it also ensures that your brand remains on top of the competition and has a healthy brand image among your audiences. Social cover strived to keep you in 1st place of Google’s search engine results, having an enticing reputation, and protecting you from any malicious attacks online, be it comments, posts, and such.