Researchers Say Smartphone Users Want Larger Screens

Preferences and interests of users keep changing in the Smartphone industry. A survey was conducted by Strategy Analytics, a company known for its statistical analysis, and it was concluded that a large chunk of the Smartphone users are more interested in larger screen sizes. This is not so surprising however as out of all the Smartphones launched this year and before, many of them had large screen sizes.

larger smartphone

Strategy Analysis, the company responsible for conducting this research has concluded that the most preferred screen size in the year 2012 was 4.5 inches. This figure is slightly different from the one given a year earlier in 2011, which was 2.3 inches. Overall, the report for Strategy Analysis has indicated that most users will buy those Smartphones which have a screen size of 4.2 – 4.7 inches, a fact that will be very useful to companies producing Smartphones.

We have many examples to support the facts stated by Strategy Analysis. For example, the recently launched S4 which has already become very popular, features a 5″ display. The Galaxy Note II and the iPhone 5 also have larger display screens. Let’s wait and see what the Note III looks like; one thing is for sure that it might have an even larger display. Rumor has it that the screen size of Note III will be somewhere around 6.3 inches. With the trend that is following as regards to the screen size, it will not be long before mobiles become tablet computers.

The VP of User Experience at Strategy Analytics has pointed out that as the screen gets bigger, users way of handling the device also gets different and this is something important to be considered by Smartphone manufacturing companies.

Source: Strategy Analytics | News Archive