Revealed: Most Popular Mobile App Trends To Follow In 2020

The popularity of mobile apps is evident from the fact that there are 3.3 billion smartphones in the use and all of them require mobile apps.

Today, almost every small and established organization  has their own mobile applications. They are introducing the features and functionalities that not only suits their business model but also help with building a better connection with their audience and gain better opportunities.

This, on one side, has streamlined the process and made it possible to get everything done on mobile. While, on the other side, it has raised competition in the marketplace. Something that has made it imperative for every businessperson and mobile app developer to be updated with the ongoing evolution in the mobile app economy and introduce the finest technologies and trends in their app idea.

So, taking the same thought forward, if you are someone wondering which mobile app development trends will be popular in 2020 and thus, build a futuristic application, this will be a good read to you.

Here we will provide you with a sneak peek of what newness you may see in the world of mobile apps in 2020.

So, here be begin.

Application Performance Management

Two of the problems which mobile app development companies faced during app testing were a wide variety of devices and network’s non-deterministic reality. To eliminate them APM was introduced. Application Performance Management is a collection of tools and metrics.

APM presents the clarity into an app’s behavior while offering statistics about the OS and devices selected at a time. It also analyzes user patterns to draw a conclusion on which app’s traits are being utilized properly.

Enterprise Mobile Management

Acronymed as EMM, Enterprise Mobile Management is an application of mobile computing for handling business with a set of processes, technology, and of course people. Its primary feature includes application management, security, and financial.

What is more, it features the management of mobile apps, devices, some elements of enterprise file distribution and synchronization and application wrapping and containerization. With such functionalities and implications, this trend is only going to grow further in 2020.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR/VR, which was one of the top mobile app development trends last year, is continuing to remain in the list this year too. You would be wrong to associate Augmented and Virtual Reality with just gaming. Though these technologies started out to be a gaming trend, they have shown that their potential is beyond that. The technologies have entered different business domains including Healthcare and education and changed their landscape, and it is expected that this transformation will reach the next level in 2020.

These technologies have stepped into various other industries including healthcare and education and have been embraced by various leading companies like Google and Apple. A real-life example of which is that they are using them in their products such as ARKits (AR Core and AR Kits).

To give you an example for a better understanding, Google uses AR in Google Translate. When you open your device’s camera and point to a text that you are unable to read and then Google translated it for you; this is all done with the help of AR.

As for VR, it has given birth to another mobile trend known as V-Commerce, enabling users to test gears, try clothes and other products without purchasing.

Artificial Intelligence

It would not be wrong to say that AI is the future of technology. Businesses are using AI to improve customer experience in mobile apps, with a specific trend towards app personalization. The list of implications of AI in mobile app development is as long as it gets.

Machine Learning is another emerging category of AI and it is without a doubt a trend that will only heighten in 2020, making it worth incorporating in your mobile app.

Internet of Things

This is one of the technologies that bagged the most attention in 2019 and will continue to do so in 2020 and beyond. It is helping us in so many uncountable ways even now from enabling smartwatches to smart washing machines sending notifications when the task is complete.

And in the future, it will provide far better services with the introduction of 5G technology. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020, every device with the prefix “smart” will be associated with IoT in one form or the other.


Though it is popular even now, it is going to be huge in the future. There is a high possibility that it will become a prominent type of commerce, making brick and mortar commerce a thing of the past. With E-wallets in existence now, new mobile apps will emerge that will entirely eliminate the need for physical cards, entirely transforming the commerce industry.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis is a technology to predict unforeseen future events by employing data mining, modeling, statistics, AI, and machine learning. Mobile app development companies will use this technology and incorporate it with mobile apps to predict the future of businesses and improve their services.


5G, the one that is going to enter the tech world in 2020, will also be one of the top trends to cover. The technology, with its features like high speed, will enable developers to   create high-functionality applications and rendering impeccable performance on multiple fronts.

Summing Up

While these were some of the mobile app development trends for 2020 that one has to consider for making a better fortune, there might be many more. Something that indicates that mobile app industry has a long way to go and have a lot to offer than what they already do.

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