ROCCAT Announces Gorgeous Vulcan Keyboards

ROCCAT introduces its new Vulcan mechanical keyboard, combining aesthetics and mechanics. Featuring a self-developed Titan Switch Tactile, it also offers the most swift and responsive keyboard in ROCCAT’s line-up.

roc vulcan 120 front persp right

“The most important thing about a mechanical keyboard are its switches, we wanted to showcase them” says Andreas Jost, Head of Industrial Design at ROCCAT Studios. Design played a decisive role in the development of the switch, with a transparent housing offering insight on its mechanism in combination with ultra-light keycaps. The Titan Switch Tactile is also the perfect companion for ROCCAT’s latest RGB lighting eco-system the AIMO. Developing the switch meant ROCCAT could also improve its performance. ROCCAT debounced the switch by reducing the mechanical shattering during actuation thanks to high quality materials and componentry. This allows the firmware to reliably identify key stroke signals 20% faster than competing keyboards.

roc vulcan 120 front persp

The materials chosen for the Vulcan also reflect this desire for the most premium product. Its anodized aluminum top plate offers a robust and durable structure, while the professional grade mechanical media controls add to the authenticity of the overall design. The Vulcan also boasts a magnetic removable wrist rest and adjustable rubberized feet offering comfort for any gamers’ gaming sessions. Developing the Vulcan was the opportunity for ROCCAT to create a pure performance driven keyboard focusing on the core gamers’ necessities, sleek design, and competition-ready engineering.

roc vulcan 100 front persp

While the product will be available in all relevant channels late Q3, it is already available for preorder on Amazon, and on the ROCCAT shop. The Vulcan will be available in three different models, the Vulcan 80 at 129.99 Vulcan 100 AIMO at 149.99 and the Vulcan 120 AIMO at 159.99 (Euros / US Dollars).

roc vulcan 80 front persp

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