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ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


The Kone Pro Air will work right off the bat without having to install any software. So just make sure you have the mouse charged up, plug in the USB dongle, flip the switch and you are good to go. Now if you want to do any customization you’ll need to download ROCCAT’s Swarm software.

Once installed the software will detect the Kone Pro Air and you’ll be able to adjust its various settings. In the “Settings” tab you can set the vertical scroll speed, double click speed, Windows pointer speed, and the different DPI levels. You can set 5 different DPI levels from 50 to 19000 DPI in 50 DPI increments.

The next tab is “Button Assignment”. Here you can reprogram all of the different buttons on the mouse. There are quite a lot of different functions including macros, timers, multimedia controls, Windows commands and more. You’ll also notice Game Profiles at the bottom of the app, there are a total of 5 profiles.

Illumination is of course for the RGB lighting on the mouse. You have your typical effect, but also ROCCAT’s AIMO Intelligent Lighting System. From what I understand the AIMO is an intelligent lighting system which reacts to your input. There is an AIMO tab at the top of the software where you can activate AIMO and see your AIMO level.

The last tab is “Advanced Settings”. Here we can see the battery status and you can set a pop-up notification or show the battery level as a tray icon. You can see the signal strength, turn energy saving on or off, pair the dongle if for some reason it was unpaired, set the polling rate, angle snapping, the distance control unit, and reset all of the settings. I believe that enabling energy saving will turn the mouse off after a certain amount of time of no activity, but there is no time you can set yourself like we’ve seen with other wireless mice.


The lighting on the Kone Pro Air basically consists of two RGB LEDs which are embedded in what appears to be the switches themselves. This is drastically different from what we’ve seen on other mice. Since the front part of the mouse buttons are transparent allowing you to see the honeycomb shell with the lighting illuminating that it makes for a very cool look. Definitely some of the better lighting I’ve seen on a mouse.

ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse

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