ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse Review

Swapping Buttons
Swapping out buttons on the ROCCAT Nyth is pretty easy. If you use the lock release on the bottom of the mouse the buttons will fall right out of the mouse. They sort of spill out to be careful, the buttons are small and easy to lose. One the buttons are removed you can easily configure them how you like for the perfect setup that matches your needs. You can even fully disable the side button area if you like, but we can’t imagine you would buy this mouse to disable all those buttons!

ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse

As far as lighting on the Nyth goes you have two RGB lighting areas these include the logo on the palm rest of the mouse and a small strip on the back of the mouse. It think these two sections suffice as I don’t like a whole lot of LEDs on my mouse. Each section can be controlled independently which means you can set different colors for section. You can also set different effects like fully lit, blinking, breathing, and heartbeat. These effects are universal and are applied to both sections.

ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse ROCCAT Nyth Gaming Mouse

Like pretty much all ROCCAT gaming accessories you can configure the Nyth with the Swarm app, which happens to be one of our favorite when it comes to gaming peripherals management software. When you open up the app it will likely update the firmware on the mouse. After that you’ll be brought to the favorites or pinned page. This is where you can add your favorite or settings you use the most. Each setting has a little pin icon on it, just press it and it will be added to this screen.

The next tab over is “Settings”. Here you can set the mouse sensitivity, vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, double-click speed, 5 different DPI levels and Windows pointer speed.

Button Assignment is next, here you can program all of those twelve thumb buttons as well as all of the other buttons on the mouse.

The software is quite flexible as you can program the buttons to be a macro, hotkey, timer, open a program, or execute a whole set of other OS and multimedia functions. Like most products this mouse supports Easy-Shift[+], so you basically can double the number of keys you have. For the thumb buttons you can set the exact layout you have and there are pre-defined button set layouts as well.

The last tab is Advanced Settings where you will find your Advanced Sensitivity settings, tracking and distance control unit settings, polling rate, illumination, sound feedback, and an option to completely reset the mouse to factory settings. At the bottom of each window you can select or add game profiles and manage your macros. Creating and managing macros is very easy, and there are already quite a lot built-in for some of the most popular games out there.

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