Rumors Flying Over AMD Takeover

There have been rumors circulating around Wall Street that an AMD takeover might happen. These are “unconfirmed takeover rumors” according to Bloomberg, but I think an acquisition of AMD makes sense for a handful of companies.

amd radeon

With the rumors flying AMD shares were up 5% Wednesday, which is the largest single-day climb for the company since January 3. This is not the first time we’ve heard rumors of a takeover of AMD, shares spiked back in October 2017 on similar reports.

As of right now this is nothing but a rumor, nothing has been confirmed. Right now AMD is far behind NVIDIA is in gaming market, although they are at least keeping up in the cryptocurrency mining market. Of course AMD has been quite successful in the CPU market with their Ryzen processors, which have proved to be a viable choice over Intel, who’s dominated the market for a long as we can remember.

There has not been any official news, if there is any we will be sure to let you know!

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