Samsung Brings Quantum Dot to Gaming

There are many things that make can make gaming a more immersive experience, chief among them though has to be using a killer monitor. Samsung has always made a good gaming monitor, but this year they are really pushing to step up their game. The CFG70 is Samsung’s brand new 27″ curved quantum dot gaming panel.

Not only is the design exceptionally pleasant to look at, but the feature list is as well. You get amazing colors thanks to the crystals in the quantum dot panel and an astounding 1ms response time coupled with a 144hz refresh rate make this 1800R curved display a treat to game on. That deep curve really pulls you in and makes you feel like your in the game environment. Unfortunately the CFG70 is only a 1080p display so you don’t quite get that super defined look you might find elsewhere.

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As we mentioned this monitor does look really cool. Samsung’s new monitor design includes a stand that hides your cables well and articulates really easily.


The CFG70 was released earlier in the week for $449.99 for the 27″ version and $349.99 for the 24″ version.

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