Samsung Introduces DDR5 Memory Modules With 512 GB Capacity

Samsung has announced that they have successfully developed the industry’s first DDR5 RAM module with a capacity of 512 GB. This module will be used for intensive workloads like AI/ML, exascale hyper-computing, analytics, networking.

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These DDR5 modules are based on the HKMG or High-K Metal Gate process node, which allows them to lower the power usage by 13% and reduces power leakages. Samsung will use the same node for GDDR6 VRAM modules.

As far as the specifications are concerned, this 512 GB DDR5 module offers double the performance of what the DDR4 modules offered and achieves speeds of up to 7200 Mb/s. It has a total of 40 DRAM chips where each chip eight layers of 16 Gb DRAM modules stacked together & connected with TSV’s (Through-Silicon-Via).

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Currently, Samsung is only testing its different variations of DDR5 modules, and they did not state a launch date. The good news is we can expect them to arrive soon as DDR5 memory platforms from Intel and AMD are ready to arrive in retail stores.

Via Samsung