Samsung MV-3V4G3D DDR3-1600 8GB Memory Kit Review

We run all our memory samples through an assault course of tests to make sure the kit can stand up under pressure. I will be running the same suite of tests on the kits stock settings, the 1600Mhz tight timings, and the stable overclock of 2133mhz.

First up is a simple benchmark provided by AIDA64. It tests the Copy, Read and Write speeds of the modules.


Next on the Memory hitlist is SiSoft Sandra’s Memory Benchmarks. Effectively testing the same as AIDA64 but providing results in a different manner, it’s another way to verify performance of the modules.

sandra mem

sandra lat

sandra cache

Next we have MaxxMem² – PreView, a relatively new benchmarking suite that again tests similar things as our previous two tests, yet uses different technologies and instruction sets to do so, resulting in a different set of performance values.

Finally, we use the Memories suite that is built into PCMark Vantage to give us a performance score that reflects, for a large part, on the performance of our RAM.