Samsung Plans To Introduce 8-Stacked TSV DDR5 Memory Modules

Samsung confirmed during the HotChips33 that it is working on a DDR5 memory module with 8-stacks TSV modules which is twice what DDR4 was capable of. This means that DDR5 can have 512GB memory modules in the future.

Samsung DDR5 512GB 8stack 1 1

Samsung has plans to use optimize package to bring eight-stacked packages to lower heights compared to stacks of DDR4 4 RAMs. It was possible due to a smaller gap between the dies (40% reduction) and by the implementation of thin wafer handling techniques. The good news is that 8-stack TSV modules will have better cooling capabilities.

These 8-stack DDR5 modules will allow 512GB capacity per module, which is great compared to a maximum of 64GB from DDR-4 or a limited supply of 128 Gb and 256 GB modules for the server market.

Samsung DDR5 512GB 8stack 2

Samsung expects up to 85% performance increase from DDR5 along with twice the capacities of up to 512 GB and a bandwidth increase of up to 7.2 Gbp/s.Simultaneously, the modules will feature a lower voltage of 1.1V, which will result in increased power efficiency. Do note that the 512GB RDIMM/LRDIMM modules are for the data center market, whereas the capacities for the consumer market will remain limited to 64GB UDIMM for now.

As per Samsung, the market’s switch to DDR5 should not be expected till 2023/2024. However, the data center market will switch sooner, which is why Samsung is planning to manufacture 512GB DDR5-7200 modules by the end of 2021.

Samsung DDR5 512GB 8stack 3

Via ComputerBase