Samsung To Be AMD’s Foundry Partner For Zen and Arctic Islands

It has been confirmed that AMD will be using Samsung as its foundry partner for its next generation GPUs. The upcoming Arctic Islands family of GPUs will be built on the 14 nanometer FinFET LPP (low-power plus) process. NVIDIA will however be building its next generation Pascal GPU family on the 16 nanometer FinFET process and will likely use foundry partner TSMC as they have in the past.


Things get even better for Samsung, they are not only going to manufacture AMD’s next-generation GPUs, but also its upcoming Zen family of CPUs, or at least a good portion of them. AMD is looking to distribute manufacturing nodes between both Samsung and GlobalFoundries. We should see the first CPUs or GPUs produced by Samsung in Q3 of 2016. Other clients of Samsung’s 14 nm FinFET node are Apple and Qualcomm.

Source: ETNews | News Archive

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