Sapphire Leaks Details on Upcoming Navi Products

While speaking to the Chinese press a Sapphire product manager and PR director leaked some very juicy details about AMD’s upcoming Navi graphics cards. AMD will be targeting gamers with two price points. First at $499 for an “XT” (fully-fledged) product and then at $399 with a “Pro” (cut-down) product. They will be targeting NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 2070 and GTX 2060 cards.

The Sapphire rep when talking about the performance of the cards mentioned “stronger than 2070”, which we can assume he is talking about the Navi XT variant. The $399 Navi “Pro” will likely have performance between the 2060 and 2070.

sapphire amd

Sapphire also did confirm that Navi does not have any ray-tracing hardware on the silicon, but this tech will debut with “next year’s new architecture”. The rep also suggested that AMD will likely not scale-up Navi for the enthusiast segment so the Vega-based Radeon VII will remain the flagship product.

When asked about custom Radeon VII designs the rep said “there is no plans for that”, but Sapphire is actively working on custom designs for the Navi architecture. He mentioned that “work on a “Toxic” version of Navi is complete, and it is watercooled”.

It has been speculated that AMD will unveil Navi at Computex on May 27th and the official launch will be on July 7th.

Via Zhihu (Blog)

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