Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 Dual-X Pictured

Here are some of the first photos of the Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X. This is Sapphire’s premium offering based on AMD’s new GPU. This dual slot card features Sapphire’s in-house PCB and cooler designs. As you can see from the photos the PCB and shroud are both black. The cooler is made up of an aluminum fin stack design, which is ventilated by a pair of 80mm fans. The card is powered by a single 6pin PCIe connector and outputs include a pair of DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort.

hd 7790 1

hd 7790 2

SweClockers has one of these on hand and ran a few tests like 3DMark Fire Strike and 3DMark 11. They also have posted a GPU-Z screenshot which reveals clock speeds of 1075MHz core and 1600MHz memory. The latest GPU-Z does not officially support HD 7990 “Bonaire” so some values are not reported.

Source: SweClockers | News Archive

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