Sapphire Teases Liquid Cooled AMD GPU

Sapphire is teasing a new liquid cooled AMD graphics card in their latest video on YouTube. There are many speculations, but could this be the R9 390X? Sapphire is calling this “Project NFC” with NFC standing for “Not from Concentrate”. NFC in the food industry means that water has been extracted form the juice of a fruit.

Sapphire Project NFC

Sapphire has not said outright that Project NFC is about liquid cooling graphics, but you get every indication of that from the teaser trailer. I mean you have the NFC name, a graphics card, liquid cooling fittings and possible drawings of a GPU waterblock in the teaser.

We are still unsure if this cooling solution would be for a brand new GPU or is Sapphire is creating this cooling solution for current graphics cards. You also have to remember that there have been rumors of AMD introducing an enhanced version of the Hawaii XT GPU which currently powers the R9 290X and R9 290 early in 2015. Of course this custom solution could also be for the upcoming R9 390X. At this point we are unsure, but expect some news at CES 2015 as Sapphire says project NFC is coming in January of 2015. Check out the teaser video below.

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