Saturday News Post 12-17-11

SilverStone TS07 SATA3 Enclosure @ Phoronix
“After recently testing the SilverStone RVS02 2.5-inch SATA enclosure, here is a look at the SilverSton TS07 3.5-inch SATA 3.0 SATA external enclosure.”

Lian Li PC-TU200 Case Review @
“The Lian Li PC-TU200 is a compact case which is designed to offer maximum flexibility, performance, ruggedness and portability.”

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050 W @ techPowerUp
“Today we test the middle member of Coolermaster’s fresh Silent Pro Hybrid series, which with its 1050W will easily power even the most power hungry systems and at the same time will save you some money from electricity bills, thanks to its Gold efficiency. This PSU will be loved by all silence fans out there since it goes fanless at low loads and on top of that you can control its fan speed.”

Corepad Keira mouse mat Review @
“A great gaming mouse is nothing without a great gaming mouse mat, which is why it’s important to buy a good one to match that fancy gaming mouse you just bought. You need a high quality gaming surface to make sure a high quality mouse lives up to its legacy. Corepad aim to please with a wide range of mouse mats and mouse accessories which they’ve been developing for the last eight years. Exclusively marketing at gamers has also given them a great feel for exactly what it is a gamer needs out of a mouse mat, an integral part to any competitive gamers ability.”

NZXT HAVIK 120 CPU Cooler Review @ Hardware Secrets
“The NZXT HAVIK 120 is a smaller version of the HAVIK 140, which we tested some time ago, and reached a good performance level. The HAVIK 120 has four 8 mm heatpipes and two 120 mm fans. Let’s find out if it is also a good performer.”

Everki 18.4” Advance Laptop Bag @ LanOC Reviews
“When I picked up an 18.4 inch laptop I knew that I would deal with problems while traveling due to its size. What I didn’t expect was to have as much trouble finding laptop bags. While at CES last year I was visiting a company we had seen the year before called Everki and noticed that they had a whole selection of 18.4 inch laptop bags. With CES coming up soon I finally set aside the time to get in touch and give one a try. Maybe their Advance Laptop Bag for 18.4 inch laptops would make traveling a little more convenient for me in the future.”

GeForce GTX 580 Showdown: ASUS Matrix vs.EVGA Classified @ Legit Reviews
“After spending several weeks with the ASUS MATRIX GeForce GTX580 Platinum and the EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified 3072MB we quickly discovered that both video cards are outstanding examples of what the engineers at each company can do. Both designs differ greatly from the reference NVIDIA design and that was fine with us as we didn’t miss any features of the reference card…”

Mushkin Chronos 60GB Review @ OCC
“The Mushkin Chronos 60GB SSD still does offer good read and write performance for its price, especially when compared to mechanical drives. The drive also utilizes the SATA III 6Gb/s interface as well as a Sandforce 2281 controller. For those still using the SATA II 3Gb/s interface the drive is backwards compatible, although you will take a performance it. In the end I’d say that the Mushkin Chronos is a decent SSD, and well worth its cost.”

Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard @ PureOverclock
“We’ve got the latest mechanical keyboard from manufacturer Rosewill, and it’s called the Mechanical Keyboard. It’s geared to gamers, and features the vaunted Cherry switches. At a price of $100, the Mechanical Keyboard is one of the more affordable mechanical gaming keyboards on the market.”

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard Review @ Hi Tech Legion
“The ASUS Sabertooth 990FX is another solid board offered from ASUS. The Sabertooth 990FX offers all of the same TUF features, but on the AMD platform. The chipset comprises of the AMD 990FX/SB950 with the newest AM3+ CPU socket. This will support all of the newest CPUs up to 8 cores and 140W. Memory support is up to 32GB and 1866Mhz DDR3 DRAM. The term TUF means “The Ultimate Force” and ASUS uses that to label a model of boards that goes that extra step to ensure total reliability and stability. All of the capacitors, MOSFETs, and chokes are comprised of a special alloy and are certified to meet military standards. In addition, this model includes a CeraM!X heatsink coating that allows 50% larger area for heat dissipation. Another feature of the Sabertooth is the thermal radar. Temperature zones can be set and fan speeds adjusted for total thermal control. Overall, the Sabertooth is built to last under any condition.”

PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600W Power Supply Review @ Real World Labs
“The latest Silencer MK III 600W Power Supply by PC Power & Cooling is certain to win you over, if not thanks to its rock solid rails, white/black body and 80Plus Bronze Certification then certainly because of its very attractive price tag.”

Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 @ LanOC Reviews
“Just a few weeks ago I had the chance to tell everyone about the Noctua heatsink that we have been running on our LGA 1155 test bench for almost a year. Because of how happy we have been with it we decided to give another Noctua heatsink a chance for our new LGA 2011 test bench. We went with the NH-D14 for the ultimate performance. We have actually taken a look at that same heatsink before in the past HERE, but with the special edition we decided to go over the new brackets and compare the NH-D14 to Intel’s water cooling. Will the monster air cooling outperform water cooling? Let’s find out. “