Seagate Ships 5mm Ultrathin Hard Drive

Don’t we need something more than 16GB of on-flash storage in our tablets? Well then you guys are not thinking ahead. Seagate is entering the market with its latest 5mm laptop ultrathin hard drive. It has a storage capacity of 500 GB which looks ideal for ultrabooks and tablets. Its available in both 320GB and 500GB. As the name indicates it’s the conventional hard drive and not the solid state drive. Traditional HDD offers a lot more storage capacity for price value than the SSDs which not only have little capacity but are also higher in price.

Seagate 5mm Ultrathin Hard Drive

This 2.5inch device is only 5mm thin and weighs 3.3 oz making it as thin as 4 stacked credit cards. Its previous generation 7mm was 25% thicker and was delivering 500 GB too. Not only have these accommodated in long-life batteries but also in better air circulation.

Offering the best cost per GB and best cost per millimeter in the line of ultrathin applications this device can support 100,000 photos, 125,000 songs and 62 hours of high definition video. It includes 6GB/s SATA interface for fast data transfer rate.

Seagate 5mm Ultrathin Hard Drive

This “slimmer than a pencil” device has opened new dimensions to the HDD industry and fulfills the demands of consumers of having high capacity storage space in their notebooks and mobile computing device.

Expect the 500GB variant to cost somewhere around $90.

Source: Seagate | News Archive