Seagate Unveils 10TB Consumer Hard Drives

Seagate has just unveiled their new 10TB hard drives aimed at consumers, NAS applications and surveillance. With this announcement Seagate now offers the largest available 10TB drive portfolio out there. Seagate has also released new brand names and imagery to distinguish each individual drive and what it is designed for. The new series is made up of the 10TB BarraCuda Pro desktop drive, 10TB IronWolf NAS drive, and the 10TB SkyHawk surveillance drive.


So to start off we have the BarraCuda Pro drive, this is a name I’m sure many of you are familiar with. This is Seagate’s normal desktop drive and now is available in 10TB capacity with a 7200 RPM rotational speed. This drive is designed for office and gaming systems that require a large amount of storage. The drive is available now and is shipping worldwide. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Next we have the IronWolf 1-TB drive which is designed for NAS applications and always-on scenarios. These drives are NAS-optimized with AgileArray which provides extra drive balance and it also has rotational vibration 9RV) sensors to mitigate vibration in multi-drive systems. These are actually the first drives in their class to have this technology. These drives have advanced power management for lower cost of ownership and are RAID optimized as well. IronWolf drives feature an 180TB/year user workload and they are also shipping worldwide.

Finally we have the SeaHawk 10TB drive in which Seagate is celebrating 10 years of shipping surveillance drives. The SeaHawk is designed for surveillance systems that rely on large storage solutions for network video recording. The drives have rotational vibration sensors to help minimize read / write errors. The drive can support up to 64 HD cameras, that is more than any other drive on the market. The SkyHawk drives also comes with a data recovery services option for additional peace of mind should a drive fail on you. The SeaHawk drives are not here yet, but Seagate says it “is currently sampling to select customers with wide-scale availability to be announced shortly.”

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