Seagate Unveils 60TB Solid State Drive

Solid state drive capacities keep on getting bigger and bigger. You can easily pick up 1TB consumer drives from many different storage companies. Some companies however are taking things to the next level, back in March Samsung introduced a 15TB solid state drive and this week Seagate has unveiled a 60TB solid state drive! Being 60TB Seagate says their drive is the highest capacity solid state drive in the world!

Seagate has built this drive in the 3.5-inch form factor. They say this form factor will be useful for managing changing storage requirements in datacenters since it removes the need to support separate form factors for hot and cold data. The company says it could also scale up capacity to 100TB in the same form factor.

This massive hard drive can hold up to 12,000 DVD movies or an astonishing 400 million photos! Sadly Seagate’s 60TB solid state drive is not for the consumer market, but rather business and enterprise. It will be released as an addition to Seagate’s data center portfolio. The unit that was shown off was just there for demonstration purposes, Seagate says the drive will officially launch sometime in 2017.

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